Construction Update

On May 17, 2021, the City of Lloydminster will begin construction at the intersection of 44 Street & 62 Avenue, which is exactly where the ASTEC SAFETY building is located.  Throughout the next six months, during which the construction is planned, North/South traffic will not be permitted on 62 Avenue, and for much of the time, we have been informed that travel east and west on 44 Street (Highway 16), will be reduced to one lane or detoured around the intersection, altogether. 

This will affect the normal traffic routes that most of our students and customers, regularly, use to access our facility.  We have attached a detour map of the area that you can provide to anyone from your company that indicates the only way to access the ASTEC SAFETY building for the next six months. This construction access to our parking lot for customers and students will be accessed by heading south on 62 Avenue and entering our parking lot from the northeast corner.

ASTEC Safety will be open and ready to serve all your safety needs throughout the duration of the road construction that will improve the accesses, turning lanes and intersection, for years to come. This is the busiest intersection in the City of Lloydminster, so, there will be delays. We suggest you let anyone heading to ASTEC SAFETY know that they should allow a few more minutes to navigate the construction zone, safely.

City of Lloydminster Press Release