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Driving should always be considered a serious responsibility. Each time someone drives, there is a serious level of risk. This course explores the 5 fundamentals of defensive driving and can be used for reduction of risk to you and other drivers.

The five fundamentals of defensive driving:

Think & look ahead

  • Understand and apply advanced observation & recognition skills
  • Eye lead time
  • Techniques for scanning
  • Situational awareness

Anticipating hazards

  • Hazard identification
  • How to recognize potential hazards prior to becoming critical
  • Traffic movement prediction & advance response planning

Keep your options open

  • Driving with space cushions
  • Establishing and maintaining a safe following distance
  • Optimum spacing at stops and intersections
  • Freeway and highway space risk management

Risk management

  • Makinggood decisions to minimize risk in common driving situations
  • Safe speed identification
  • Proactive steps for reduction of risk in critical situations

Controlling with finesse

  • Vehicle maintenance for balance & stability
  • Developing superior steering, braking & acceleration
  • Correct antilock brake use
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