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This online course provides instruction on how to complete a Daily trip Inspection that follows the National Safety Code (Standard 13) regulations.

It explains to a driver how to conduct and record a proper trip inspection and what items to inspect.

The course also includes a review of why trip inspections are required, a copy of Part 2, Schedule 1- Truck, Tractor & Trailer and a short review of CVSA inspections.

It will also help drivers not only complete a proper trip inspection, but know the law behind the rules.



  • Federal VS Provincial
    • Standard 13
  • Safety regulations and laws
  • Daily requirements

NSC Standard 13 Part 2 Schedule 1

  • Major and Minor Defects
  • What needs to be completed on each Trip Inspection
  • Defect boxes
  • Standard Information
  • Example
  • Reporting defects

Paperwork Retention

  • In vehicle and office requirements

Truck/Trailer Inspection

  • Paperwork and Documents
  • In Cab Inspection
    • Video
  • Exterior Inspection
  • Trailer Inspection


  • Inspection overview
    • Video

CVSA Inspections

  • Levels of inspections
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