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This online Gas Detection course provides information with respect to identification & control of combustible/lethal atmospheres to help workers remain safe while working with possibly dangerous gasses. This course investigates the features & operation of the most well-known detector devices (bellows & pistone) and gas monitors (personal, portable & fixed). This course also provides information on explosive ranges, atmosphere which are toxic, levels of oxygen, flammable substances, flammable gas principles, detection of vapour, and more!

Online Gas Detection Course Topics

Topic 1: Introduction
This chapter introduces you to the topics that will be covered throughout the course, what you can expect, and why this course is important for you.

Topic 2: Detector Tube Devices
This chapter introduces you to the most common types of detector tube devices and the methods for operating them safely.

Topic 3: Continuous Gas Monitors
This chapter thoroughly covers the three types of continuous gas monitors: personal, portable and fixed. It also explains how to safely don, operate, maintain and use this detection equipment as well as perform a bump test.

Topic 4: Combustible Gas Monitors
This chapter provides a thorough explanation of combustible gas monitors and how they work. Topics covered include thermal conductivity, semiconductor sensors, catalytic sensors, display features, equipment related challenges, and measurements.

Topic 5: Fixed Continuous Monitors
This chapter provides an overview of fixed continuous monitors including their functions and characteristics.

Topic 6: Gas Testing
This chapter provides an overview of gas testing and how to use detection equipment.

Topic 7: Conclusion
In preparation for the final exam, this chapter will review the information that has been presented.

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