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Safety Coordination Services offers our own professional Wilderness Awareness training course for industry and the general public. Whether at work or at play, our diverse natural wildlife can present a hazard, from bears and cougars, to ticks and wasps. Our training program provides comprehensive and engaging strategies for avoiding wildlife encounters, and what to do if you are threatened or attacked.


By the end of this course you will learn:

  • How to recognize the signs of Bear and Cougar activity.
  • Wildlife avoidance and deterrence strategies.
  • How to prevent attracting wildlife into your camp or worksite.
  • The proper selection and use of wildlife deterrents.

This online Wilderness Awareness course covers the following topics:

  • Bears.
  • Bear Activity.
  • Bear Behavior.
  • Bear Identification.
  • Human-Wildlife Conflicts.
  • Response to Bear Encounters.
  • Non-Lethal Deterrents.
  • Less-Lethal Deterrents.
  • Overlooked Hazards.
  • Mice and Rodents.
  • Insects and Spiders.
  • Ticks.
  • Rattlesnakes.
  • Coyotes.
  • Cougar Encounters.
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